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Kandavas vecpilsēta

Kandava, Tukuma novads, Latvija
57.036152 22.776190

Kandava is one of the most beautiful small towns of Kurzeme. It enchants you with the old houses, stone paved streets, beautiful lanterns and breathtaking nature around it. First time Kandava was mentioned in 1230. Kandava is a proud owner of the oldest stone bridge in Latvia and in Duke Jacob times built powder tower.

According to foundlings of different graveyards and castle mounds, the surrounding of Kandava was inhabited already since early Iron Age (2. - 4. Century). Couran castle mound of Kandavas one of the old Vanema land centers. The old town has been in this advantageous geographical location already since 10. - 12. Century.

In 1253. Livonian order got Kandava and built an Vogt (A Vogt in the Holy Roman Empire was a title of a reeve or advocate, an overlord (mostly of nobility) exerting guardianship or military protection as well as secular justice over a certain territory.)castle. In time, a city grew around the castle, with German craftsmen and sellers, with marketplace, church and different workshops. The workshops and shops surrounded the marketplace, where the main roads of the city cross - now they are called Sabile and Talsi streets.

The crusades went through Kurzeme form Rīga to Tukums, Kandava, Sabile, Kuldīga and further on. To secure their movement, they needed to start building stone castles. Kandava castle was built 1253. - 1259The development of Kandava continued in 14 - 17. Century, until 1625. when it got village status. During the 17th century Kandava bloomed and became the centre for shopping for the surrounding lands. During 18th century the black plague took most of Kandava citizens’ lives. Kandava lost the centre status of the region.

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