Pāriet uz lapas karti

Kandavas virvju trase

Teteriņu iela 2, Kandava, Tukuma novads, Latvija, LV-3120

The rope track is located in the city of Kandava, Teteriņu street 2, next to the technical school stadium, open air swimming pools and to the Lake Teteriņš.

In the future of this area is planned to be developed as a place of active receation

Within the project, two rope obstacle courses were created. The highest track is located 1.40 m above the ground, it consists of 12 obstacle sections and a descent. The lowest track is intended for younger children, its height is 0.80 m and it consists of 4 obstacle sections. The tracks are made up of different sections with different levels of difficulty, the level of difficulty of each section is indicated by a colored circle next to it. The track is designed so that its visitor would not only have to go in a circle, but would have a choice in which direction to go and what difficulties to cross the stages.

The length of the lowest track is about 29 meters.

The total length of the highest track is about 108 meters.

The rope track consists of 2 tracks of different heights. The lowest track is located at a height of 0.8 m, it is suitable for smaller children or as a warm-up track before using the higher track. The highest track is located at a height of 1.40 m, it is intended for both adults and children. As the Kandava rope track is designed to be accessible to any visitor at any time, the height of the track has been chosen in accordance with the laws and regulations, which determine the height at which it is not necessary to use additional protective equipment.

At the rope track (both - highest and lowest) there are regulations for the use of the route, in addition, Kandava County Council invites visitors to behave carefully and responsibly towards the infrastructure. A photo of the Terms of Use is also attached.

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