Pāriet uz lapas karti

ČUŽU purva taka un sēravoti

1 km no Kandavas, Kandavas pagasts, Tukuma novads, Latvija

Distance: 4,4 km
Hiking time: 2 h

Part of the trail (heading to Velna acs - Devil`s eye spring) is marked with red dots on trees, part is covered with wooden planks.

The trail is accessible the whole year, yet suggested in summer - the shrubby Cinquefoil Pentaphylloides fruticosa blooming time, as the nature reserve Čužu mire is the only place in Latvia, where the shrubby Cinquefoil grows in wild in such a large area. There is also number of other rare plants to be seen - birdseye primrose Primula Farinosa, fragant orchid Gimnadenia Conopsea, marsh hellerborine Epipactis Palustris etc.
The mire is inhabited by a number of especially protected butterfly species.
The mire is rare and specially protected biotope - calcareous fen - a limestone layer lays down under the peat in the mire and several sulphurous springs outflow onto the surface.

In autumn and spring the trail can be really wet and some parts can be flooded, therefore it is suggested to bring rubber boots along.

Trail of shrubby cinquefoil bog. Sulphur springs.

To protect the only shrubby cinquefoil growth in Latvia, in 1999, in the nature park "Ancient river valley of Abava", a protected nature area "Shrubby cinquefoil bog" was established. Since 1924, this place has been under the state protection. The trail is set up in a bog, where the shrubby cinquefoil (Pentaphylloides fruticosa) is growing in an area of 96 ha of wilderness. This is the only place in Latvia, where this yellow - blossom plant is growing in such a large area. The trail is marked with path markers. A plank - way is set up 700 m from it, the rest is a forest trail. The total length of the trail is 4 km. Nearby, there is also a sulphur spring. Its medicinal qualities were discovered by Žanis Dannenbergs, when treating rheumatism. In 1903, a medical treatment institution was set up there, which was widely popular and operated up until 1940.

There are 17 plant, nine bird, 14 invertebrate, as well as two reptile species in the nature reserve, which are state protected in Latvia. Some of them you may see along the nature trail, for example, sand lizard and different orchids


The water of the Devil`s Eye Spring is rich in different minerals and so are the rest of springs in this area. Many springs contain hydrogen sulphide. There are two major brooks, the Velna acs Brook and the Smirnieku Brook, wich flow across the mire into the Abava River and are favored by beavers.

Regulation for visitors

- Enjoy nature watching and let photos be the only memory you take away from the nature reserve!
- Please, lead the dogs with the dog`s lead!
- Make sure you wear appropriate shoes as the nature trail may be wet and wooded path - slippery!

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