Pāriet uz lapas karti

Kārļa Mīlenbaha parks ar saules pulksteni

Skolas iela 9, Kandava, Tukuma novads, Latvija, LV-3120

In 2018, a park was established in Kandava in honor of Kārlis Mīlenbach (1853-1916), a Latvian linguist from Kandava. He was born in Kandava region and started school here. The park is located between Kandava K. Milenbach High School and Kandava Lutheran Church. The park has a sundial with a double dial. The clock shows local time and daylight saving time (GMT + 3).

During the process of creating the park, it was concluded that it is the only place in the city where it is geographically possible to place the sundial to show the exact time. The clock is in the form of a book. It symbolizes the beginning and the continuation, the knowledge and the experience, connecting the past, the present and the future.

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