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Cēres muiža, manor house

Skolas iela, 1, Cēre, Cēres pagasts, Tukuma novads, Latvija
57.108135 22.867785

Cēre Manor

The Cēre Manor was formed in 1352 from the Riga Heinrich’s fief. The last manor owners since 1883 until 1920 were von Knigge. In the 1960-ties, the two-storey master house of the Cēre Manor built in the classicism style was rebuilt. The modernisation project of the master house was implemented by the architect of Kurzeme – Teodors Zeilers. The manor included a dairy house, cheese-house, windmill, and tar works premises. From 1921, the local government owns the manor building and since then, Cēre School is located there, as well as, visitors can view a small museum.

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