Pāriet uz lapas karti

Zirgu taka

Piltiņi, Matkules pagasts, Tukuma novads, Latvija, LV-3132

Distance: 3.18 km

Difficulty: Easy

Trail type: straight

Entrance: free

In ancient times, a neighbor rode a horse to a neighbor, and the wall was also led from the meadow by horse. This is how this path was formed, the oldest greatness of which is no longer evidenced. The trail leads from Sabile to the "Zviedru cepure" (you can also go in the other direction). Walking from the center of Sabile, the trail starts across the bridge, where there is a small footpath on the left. You may notice white stripes on the trees and poles. At the end of the houses you only have to go straight along the driveway parallel to the river. The road leads along Sabile- Egypt - a popular holiday destination. Behind the Russian cemetery, a meadow begins and a path is trodden in it. You don't have to walk along the river, because Abava bends there and there are almost no walkable river banks. Instead, just go straight to the "Zviedru cepure".

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