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Kalnmuižas pils, hotel

Kalnmuižas pils, Kandavas pagasts, Tukuma novads, Latvija, LV-3120

Exist at least from the end of 15th c. Central construction formed in the beginning of the 19th c. After The Second World War manor was collective, later local government's property. Since 2006 private property. In 2011 historical examination of Kalnmuiža was done to ensure authentic renewal of all complex. In the avenue of manor grow several big ash-trees. Watermill of Kalnmuiža is unique history object of technology with a potencial of tourism.
In 1939 in Kalnmuiža Watermill Latvian movie "Dam" was filmed. Down the dam on the left bank of Amula is outcrop of dolomite and clay on the hight of 25m.

Offers venue for different events, accommodation, restaurant.

Places: 60

Phone: (+371) 26699033

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Legend goes that about 1 km on the South- East of Manor are Money Hills where once a boy has found money. On the South- East from the hills on the deer path through a bog the boy brought enemy army but he by himself ran away.

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