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Kandavas vecpilsētas Promenāde

Ūdens iela 1, Kandava, Tukuma novads, Latvija
57.037170 22.774803


Promenade was opened in 2011. Established next to the Old Town Square, the Promenade has become the heart of the place. This is a place to gather and socialize, relax and celebrate for both townsfolk and visitors; this is a place for families with children to spend quality time together. It is also intended to set up a workshop for craftsmen alongside with a gift shop, and a cosy cafe will find aplace within the old stone walls.

A Promenade for the History Lover

The oak twig with three acorns as a symbol of force was in the town’s coat of arms back in 1925. Suppose you would like to merge a walk for fresh air with singular exploration of local history facts - look up the 10 acorns on the promenade. Each of them will tell you about the most prominent events between the 11th and 20th centuries. The topics will include the formation of the town, its growth and decay, outstanding events and personalities, its population and types of business and traditions.

Cheering the Newlyweds - a Promenade for Wedding Guests

The old tradition to cross 7 bridges on the wedding day is so poetic! Wedding planners and couples usually have to plan intricate routes lest they fall short of one! Upon arrival in Kandava you will find both seven bridges for the sweet couple and a perfect walking place for the guests. May the wedding day in Kandava be a memorable adventure!

Precious Moment, Stay a While!

Playful laughter of children, merrymaking and shiny eyes. Tiny tots and bigger rascals would play in the two playgrounds for hours along. You can go in the swing and the see-saw, or climb into the tree house, break trough the barriers and slither down the bright tube. "Just one more time!" - would the kid promise seriously, and, before he could say Jack Robinson, forget what he’d said...

A Promenade for the Romanticists

The Promenade is illuminated in the dark, so don’t resist its lure in the late hours.

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