Pāriet uz lapas karti

Indāni, country house

9,5 km no Kandavas, Indāni0, Kandavas pagasts, Tukuma novads, Latvija, LV-3120
56.968655 22.755260

Language: LAT, RUS, ENG (a little)

Marks: Accommodation, outdoor kitchen, barn, country sauna, swimming pond, picnic area, accessible dishes, 20 tent sites, volleyball court, swings, horse riding, various domestic animals (cows, horses, goats, sheeps, rabbits, etc.) and poultry, bird watching, a collection of ancient tools, newly married, attractions and hen parties, especially welcome couples. Organic farming and green certificates.


Tent site
Note: Accommodation from 1.May to 1.October!

Farmstead “Indāni”

Farmstead “Indāni” offers to learn about the farm animals. Here, you can also see the exposition, which consists of ancient agricultural, horse-pulled and fire-fighters tools and instruments. At the country house the visitors can look at and learn about ancient household objects, for example, machinery pulled by horses, a collection of axes, various tools used by blacksmiths, foresters, and fire-fighters, as well as look at, pet, and learn to take care of various farm animals. In 2008, the movie “Little robbers” (“Mazie laupītāji”) was shot here.

Visits must be arranged in advance

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