Lielā iela 31, Kandava, Kandavas novads, Latvija
57.038013 22.776337


In 1880, the Jewish community constructed the synagogue - a worship place for the Jews. After 1894, when the Jewish communities from Kandava and Sabile joined together, the building was vacant. During the Soviet times, the synagogue was used as a cinema for many years.

Built in 1880 on land gifted by Sholomo Hirsh Klempner, reconstructed in 1937. The best-known rabbi of Kandava was Menahem Mendel Zack, who later became the Chief Rabbi of riga (killed in 1941 in Rambula).
After the Second World War the synagogue was rebuilt and used as a granary. From 1950 it was the city’s cinema.

The Jewish community of Kandava was formed in the beginning of the 19th century.
Its known that, in 1881, there were 775 Jews in Kandava, making up 55.2% of the population, and in 1910, there were 1000 Jews (45%).
In 1935 there were 68 Jews in Kandava (4% of the population). They owned 10 of the 17 shops in the city, 5 of 7 haberdasheries and 1 of 3 butcher shops.
There is currently no Jewish community in Kandava, but its important role in creation of the city’s image can be felt by viewing the remaining Jewish public buildings, residential houses, as well as the cemetery and memorial.

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