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Smiltiņkalns jeb Ķīķerkalns

24 km no Kandavas, Zantes pagasts, Tukuma novads, Latvija
56.855434 22.747173

Smiltiņkalns or Ķīkerkalns is the highest of the Eastern highland hillocks - 155.3 meters above sea level. The relative hight is 50 meters. There is a nice picnic and relaxation place.

At the end of 18th century in Smiltiņkalns place were fields, but the soil was so sandy, that only pine trees were able to survive there. And by 20th century the hill was covered in pine trees. On the teritory of the hill there used to be a house called "Smiltiņi", but because of the Saldus - Kandava road construction it was demolished

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