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Zemītes Elku liepa un Upurozols

14 km no Kandavas, Zemītes pagasts, Tukuma novads, Latvija, LV-3135
56.925129 22.809830

Zemīte Idols` Linden and Sacrificial Oak
On the opposite sides of the Zemīte rectory estate

According to local people, the linden with multi-forked branches, which is located at the Zemīte rectory estate, used to be the Idols` Linden, but the oak growing on the opposite side of the building - the Sacrificial Oak. The linden consists of 11 separate trunks, but it used to have many as 14 trunks before, creating something resembling a circumference with an opening towards the rectory. One part of the oak, in turn, has recently fallen down, it lies next to the other part of the oak that is continuing to grow; its circumference could be estimate at 4-5 m. Thus it can be presumed that even if the oak had any sacred function, it could not have long history behind it.

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