Pāriet uz lapas karti

Bruņinieku pilskalns jeb Livonijas ordeņa pilsdrupas

Lielā iela 10A, Kandava, Tukuma novads, Latvija

Castle mound of the knights/ Livonian Order castle ruins

This is a site where once upon a time the Livonian Order castle stood. Its construction was started in 1253 and it continued for more than 50 years. The castle was the residence of the district judge. Later on, the castle belonged to the Duke of Kurzeme. In 1695, it suffered heavily in an attack of the Swedish army. The castle was inhabited up until 1750.

Here stood one of the fortified Order`s castles on the way to Prussia when the Crusade war roads went from Riga through Kurzeme. Castle was located on the cape in order to take general view of the valley of river Abava. The castle was built in times of master Eberhards fon Zeine and master Burhards Hornhüzens from 1253.-1259. The castle as residence of district judge was mentioned in 1312. The castle was enlarged in 1334. Vogts were subordinated to commander of Kuldīga (the knight of Order who governed the district) and together with Kandava superintended regional community of Sabile and Talsi where vogts had less rights. Vogts monitored collection of duties, administered justice and did other administration tasks. The regional community of Kandava had specific duty - honey, because the vicinity was rich in bee-keepers. The castle was inhabited up til 1750. Years later it was acknowledged as uninhabitable and as time passed it became ruins.
There are no evidence about how the castle looked in reality. The castle mound was surrounded by protection stone wall. On the North side place is more sloping and it is believed that there was the entrance of the castle. Ruins of stone walls and faundation let us judge that it was 34,2 x 31,5 m big rectangled building with 1,8 m thick stone walls and 2 m wide faundation. It is supposed there was a chapel too as remains of stairs had been found.

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