Pāriet uz lapas karti

Home cafe days "Tastes of Abava"

majas-kafejnicu-dienas.jpgHome cafe days 2022 will take place from July to September 2022 in various places throughout Latvia. These days, existing catering companies open their doors to every visitor, as well as farms and locals who do not cater or receive guests on a daily basis, but on this day turn into cafes - open their homes and farms to treat guests with special dishes of their region or family. 

This year, within the framework of the House Cafe Days in Tukums region, two events will take place: House cafes on the outskirts of Kurzeme (territory - the whole Tukums region) in September and House cafes "Taste of Abava Bows" (territory - some parts of Tukums and Talsi region) will take place on July 2-3. Home cafes in all Talsi region will take place on August 27-28.

This year, Kandava Partnership is the coordinator of the Home Cafe Days "Tastes of Abava Bows". The river Abava unites the territory of Kandava Partnership. With the Home Cafe Days "Tastes of Abava Bows" we can offer the guests of the cafe not only to enjoy our delicious food, but also the beautiful places, performances, activities, our products and our beautiful, meandering river Abava. Imagine we have a party at home and we welcome all guests!

More information: 28390394 or e-mail: intaha@inbox.lv (Inta Haferberga)

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